Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Dead C. - Relax Fallujah -- Hell Has Come 7" (Ba Da Bing, 2006)

A side recorded 1990 by the Dead C. at Wren Building, unreleased. B side recorded 1988 by Peter Jefferies and the Dead C. at the Wren Building, released on The Sun Stabbed EP 7", 1988.

The Dead C. - Relax Fallujah -- Hell Has Come

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Electric Bunnies - Chewing Gum 7" (Florida's Dying, 2008)

The Electric Bunnies - Chewing Gum

Fag Cop - Illuminati Dollar 7" (Milk N' Herpes, 2008)

Fag Cop - Illuminati Dollar

Nice Face - Thing In My Head 7" (Sacred Bones, 2008"

Nice Face - Thing In My Head

Zola Jesus - Poor Sons 7" (Die Stasi, 2008)

Who is Zola Jesus? Well, i don't know -- but this 7" features wonderfully haunted female vocals, keys, percussion, and electronics. Sacred Bones Records will be releasing a new Zola Jesus 7", due out mid-July. This seems to be their first release ever and it was put out by Die Stasi records in OH.

Zola Jesus - Poor Sons

Leper Print - Coma 7" (Die Stasi, 2008)

Do it yourself music for people who like to do it themselves. One dude named Kyle, who is also in Meth Teeth, plays everything. 3 sweet songs with lots of noise and melody. Loud drums, paranoid vocals. Leper Print is based out of Portland, Oregon and this 7" is Die Stasi records 006 along with the Zola Jesus 7".

Leper Print - Coma

Catatonic Youth - Piss Scene 7" (HoZac, 2008)

From somewhere in Washington, Catatonic Youth's vinyl debut on Horizontal Action Records. Move or be still. 3 songs of manic vocals, drum and guitar punk aesthetics turned inside out w/ some nice electronics & vomit stains.

Catatonic Youth - Piss Scene

Friday, June 20, 2008


This is from the second set of the Teenage Jesus reunion show. The first two tracks are missing. They adapted well to their age handicap. IT was not far from a No Wave social, anybody at the knitting factory could walk right up to kim gordan and ask for a buck or a smile. Thurston played bass, Bradley couldn't make it.

Live @ Knitting Factory June 13 2008