Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tony Conrad/Gastr Del Sol - The Japanese Room At La Pagode (Table Of Elements)

Double 7" On Table Of Elements. A big tease if you ask me.


The Jazz Composer's Orchestra - Communications - 1968

Free Jazz all stars (Don Cherry, Cecil Taylor, Pharroah Sanders) under the direction of modern Composer Michael Mantler. Vinyl rip. 1968 JCOA records.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

African Roots Of Jazz

Double 7" Ethnographic recording by Fred Kaufman and John P. Guckin.

...Incredible and incredibly non-specific (in terms of region) African music


The Very Things - Strange Fruit Peel Sessions

Very Things

More great forgotten demented post-punk. This is from their '88 Peel Sessions

Flipper - Someday/Distant Illusion 7"

Someday/Distant Illusion

Flipper managed to squeeze out a couple of great songs in the early nineties; here they are.

Health Hen - It's Obvious

Health Hen

Obscure Weirdo Punk from the mid 80's. Will bend you a little bit.